Squat program? Need advice 4 a better butt


yes ok so

there are these free apps u can buy on your phone and they’re called like “daily arm/leg/butt/cardio workout” or something. download those and do them every day. they take like 10 minutes each and you will thank yourself later i swear to god

running up and down stairs is really good cardio, and if u skip a stair or two its really good for ur butt

planks!!!! they suck major ass i know but if u plank for like 1 minute a day, ur core will feel super good and ur shoulders/arms/legs/really everything will get toned after a while

also maybe look at some good pre/post workout stretches so u dont pull a muscle or get sore u know (they have a TON on pinterest and probs if u just google it)

running is good but dont push urself too far. maybe run 2 minutes and walk 1. do what you can. maybe even start out just walking rly fast. if u listen to music it’s a lot easier i promise

healthy snacks (carbs & protein!! so something like toast, fruit, nuts, maybe some deli meat ??) before & after workouts are gr8

water!!!!!! lots of water!!!!!

try to eat less fast food & junk food. it’s okay to have some pizza or french fries or something every once in a while but be good to ur body ok. don’t eat less, just eat healthy.

that’s pretty much it. it takes some time, you aren’t just gonna be fit in a week okay you gotta be patient with yourself. good luck!!